Saturday, January 28, 2006

Some little things you can do for stopping Google China's censorship

  1. Checking Chinese Google Results
  2. Google China censorship fuels calls for US boycott - The Boston Globe

To make sure what Article 1 says is true, I tried just the same. Here's what you should do if you're going to try it:

  1. Flush all your browser's cookies related to domain "".
  2. Set your browser's language to "Chinese (simplified)" (i.e. make your browser say "Accept-language: zh-CN" in HTTP request.)
  3. Access, and type any "sensitive" keywords (in Chinese authoritie's sence, of course) you can think of.

You'll get a search result like this:

(Click to enlarge)

You can easily see that the result contains only websites in China.

Now let's try broadening the range of search to all the websites in the world: you'll see a set of radio buttons just below the keyword input box. Check the left-most one, which means "all the websites", and redo the search.

You'll get just the same result as you did last time, with "all the websites" button unchecked (and "only websites in China" button checked again). Google China doesn't allow you to search for some "sensitive" contents abroad. The same thing occurs if you search in Chinese (example: here I tried "tiananmen 6.4"). It's worth paying attention that this sort of filtering is functioning not only for accesses from within China but for accesses from all over the world (I live in Japan) just as long as the browser's language preference is set to Chinese (simplified).

You want to call Google for stopping its assistance of Chinese communists' internet censorship? But you don't have any Google stock to sell out? I don't either, and I even can't quit using Google for now ;)

If you're a Firefox user, it might be a good idea to install Adblock and add a new filter, **. (To be honest, I have been doing this for months)



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