Monday, February 06, 2006

A little patriot from Korea

A little patriot from Korea

A photo I saw in a Korean news. A five-year-old schoolboy from S.Korea is standing beside a landmark on the top of Mt.Fuji (Japan's highest mountain). The boy is displaying a banner with a slogan which maintains Korea's territorial rights on the disputed island.

At first I was so impressed to see that even a five-year-old boy can go over the sea and take an action for "protection of the territory of their homeland". However, I wish I could have given an advice to the photographer: he/she should not have added the newspaper co.'s name at the bottom of the banner, thereby exposing that the boy's patriotic excursion is just a setup by them. :p In fact I saw a similar example of setup several weeks ago.

See for related photos.

(originally posted on Jul 26 2005 on my Flickr)



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