Monday, February 06, 2006

"Look, polar bears, Dokdo belongs to Korea!"

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The photo of the "little patriot from Korea" presented before reminds me of a news I read at a Korean news site a couple of months ago. It reported an Arctic expedition by a S.Korean team, but it rather highlighted a political appeal they made on their way to the North Pole, than their expedition itself. You'll easily see that their banner says just the same as the little boy's one in the "little patriot" photo.

It seems that their persistence in exploiting everything for their political aim stunned some Japanese people to no small extent, and made other Japanese laugh. See this blog for some of the parody images created by the latter. Yes, Koreans could do this way everywhere on the Earth (or maybe in the outer space as well)---everywhere but at the Hague.

See also: Takeshima

(originally posted on Jul 27 2005 on my Flickr)



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