Saturday, February 11, 2006

Another Google problem

I have sent a mail to Google admin as below:

If you search the web for "takeshima", you will see the following page on the top of the search results:
Takeshima homepage

Now, its page description says like this:

Page maintained by the Shimane prefectural government in Japan, defending their country's claim to the Dokdo islets.

You may know that Takeshima, the islets called "Dokdo" by Koreans, is under a territorial dispute between Japan and Korea. It is unlikely that Shimane prefecture should describe their web page as though they admitted Koreans' point of view over the dispute: in fact, you can't find a description like this anywhere in the HTML source of the page above.

I would like you to make clear where the page description mentioned above came from at all, and to immediately substitute the description with a correct one. Thank you in advance.



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